Secure, open source, and user friendly email.


Secure, open source, and user friendly email.

Tutanota is a personal favorite of PrivacyHaus; in fact, our own email is hosted by Tutanota courtesy of their custom domain support. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Based in Germany, Tutanota's end-to-end encrypted email lets you easily communicate with anyone securely whether they have a Tutanota account or not. They're open source, free, and are deeply passionate about user privacy. In addition to redesigning their apps and web experience, they also have future plans of building an encrypted calendar and cloud storage into the platform. With apps for every device and an impressive open source community, you can't go wrong with Tutanota.

If you're considering switching to a secure email service, keep Tutanota near the top of your list.




Use Instead of

Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail

Available for

iOS, Android, web


In addition to their E2EE email, Tutanota offers 2-factor authentication, robust user management, and custom domain support.


While occasionally rough around the edges, Tutanota feels familiar and the interface is noticeably quick and snappy.


Tutanota is currently redesigning all of their UI to a much more minimal, elegant design. It's a dramatic improvement.

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