Goodbye Dropbox, Hello Tresorit


Goodbye Dropbox, Hello Tresorit.

Tresorit is beautiful.
This is a strange thing to say about a company specializing in secure file storage, but their design aesthetic deserves to be mentioned before diving into their security features, because damn. They're really elegant.

Under the surface, Tresorit is all-business with end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, custom security policies, IP filtering, and advanced user management. A few years ago, Tresorit offered a $50,000 bounty to anyone who could hack their encryption and break into their servers. To date, nobody's won the reward. Offering stronger privacy protections than the United States, Tresorit is proudly based in Switzerland.

If you're looking for a secure Dropbox replacement, keep Tresorit near the top of your list.




$12.50 USD /month
$125 USD /annually

Use Instead of

Dropbox,, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or AWS

Available for

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, web, Windows Phone, Blackberry


With Tresorit, you get everything you're used to with Dropbox plus so. much. more.


Everything is clear and intuitive, although uploading and syncing can be occasionally slow.


Tresorit's product and branding design is really, really good. If it came with a hook, you'd hang it on your wall.

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