Serious anonymity against surveillance and censorship


Tor's about as anonymous as you can get.

Originally developed by the United States Navy with the goal of protecting military communications, Tor ("The Onion Router") is the apex of online anonymity. Tor routes your web traffic through relays in different countries before eventually landing at your intended destination. Because of the extra hops, your web experience can be a little slower; but it's also a lot more private and secure- an easy tradeoff for some (or all) of your web traffic.

The Tor Browser gives you access to the Tor network. For all intents and purposes, everything you visit in that browsing session is anonymous to third-parties. This makes it great for anyone trying to keep their browsing habits private- not just activists and journalists, but literally anyone concerned about cyber-spying, online ad-tracking, and censorship. From within the Tor Browser, there are also security settings you can adjust according to your threat model so they don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to your privacy.

The Tor Project, it's worth noting, is an incredible organization (and one of our recommended non-profits to donate to). In addition to maintaining the Tor Browser, they heavily contribute to a number of different projects supporting human rights and free speech.





Use Instead of

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Available for

MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android


Tor Browser is missing some frills (some intentionally for security reasons) but is packed with privacy features.


It can be a slower experience, but it's definitely the easiest way to access the 'dark web'-  *dun-dun-dunnn*


The UI is friendly enough for most demographics to feel comfortable, but it does lack the pixel craft of some apps.

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