The secure, friendly password manager.


The secure, friendly password manager.

From the makers of TunnelBear, RememBear is a secure password manager designed to make it easier to store all the passwords you use across the internet. Since you'd never use the same password on multiple websites (..right??) password managers are a must for keeping all of those passwords to different websites sorted out. In the case of RememBear, they currently support the storage of login credentials and credit cards. This doesn't make RememBear as robust as other solutions like 1Password, however, RememBear is free and it's friendly, simple nature makes it a good password manager for users of any age. Their browser plugins in particular are a huge time saver that saves me a dozen taps per login.

I've mentioned this in my reviews of TunnelBear and BlockBear, but the product design from this team is incredible. Besides being clear and distraction-free, the animation and illustration design of BlockBear is amazing. I don't often associate the word 'delight' with apps, but it applies here.

Like everything from this team, RememBear isn't just a pretty face- it's backed by serious 256-bit end-to-end encryption and independently audited, so you can be sure your passwords are in good hands- or paws.




Instead of

Using the same password for every website login

Available for

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari


While RememBear doesn't have all the goods of other password managers, it easily carries it's weight.


Using RememBear is super-easy; especially when using the mobile apps or browser plugins.


RememBear makes great use of animation and illustration to help the user understand concepts clearly and effectively.

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