Secure and sustainable email from Berlin

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Secure and sustainable email from Berlin.

Based in Berlin, Posteo offers secure, anonymous, and sustainable email accounts, address books, and calendars. Started by the husband-and-wife duo Patrik and Sabrina Löhr, Posteo’s popularity exploded after Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks and has continued to grow since.

Posteo doesn’t require any personal identifiable information (PII) to open an account, and your payments- regardless of payment method- aren’t linked to your account. Their dedication to user anonymity was recently tested in court after Bavarian authorities demanded user information and Posteo was unable to comply.

Proudly ad-free, Posteo is profitable and entirely funded by account subscriptions- they have no relationships with advertisers or data brokers of any kind. If all of that isn’t enough, all of Posteo’s servers and offices run on 100% on green energy from Greenpeace Energy; a truly unique feature that sets Posteo apart from the competition. They even donate regularly to non-profit environmental organizations, so you truly are “going green” using Posteo as an email provider.

There are a few quiks that some users may find frustrating- like their lack of spam folder support or a standalone mobile app- but at the end of the day, Posteo's a solid, secure, ethical service that defends your civil liberties and right to privacy. That alone should be enough to keep Posteo near the top of your list when looking for a secure email provider.



$1.20 USD /month

Use Instead of

Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail

Available for

Web, and your favorite 3rd party mail client.


Posteo offers an encrypted calendar and contacts, but is missing features (a standalone mobile app, spam box, etc) that some users will miss.


The email service is reliable, familiar, and easy to manage. There’s not a lot of bells-and-whistles, but it does the job.


Posteo’s aesthetics regrettably look and feel a little dated due to their reliance on RoundCube, but don't let it stop you from trying them. 

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