One of the most trusted VPNs on the market


One of the most trusted VPNs on the market.

When choosing a VPN, the most critical factor to consider is trust. Before looking for the number of their servers or if they have nice apps, you've really got to establish trust with the people behind the service. You've got to look at the company itself to understand if you can trust them. After all, you're giving this company access to all of your web traffic. Every time you turn them on, you're essentially saying:

"I (the user) trust you (the VPN) to preserve the privacy of my network traffic more effectively than my ISP."

When it comes to PIA, that trust is well deserved. In 2016, the FBI ordered them to hand over their logs and PIA's official response may as well have been: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That's because they don't keep any logs of any kind. Since data retention laws are only applicable to telecom providers and ISPs, PIA is blissfully unaware of what their users are doing- or, depending on their method of payment- who their users are.

"Due to this, we're unable to provide information on our customers usage of our service under any circumstance, including subpoenas and court orders, which are extremely closely reviewed before we make any response by our experienced legal team." - Daniel Oakley, Head of QA at PIA.

Regarding the service itself, it's pretty damn good. The speed is great, and the reliability is some of the best we've tested. Occasionally (but rarely) when streaming 4k video from iTunes, we'd notice some buffering- which is totally reasonable- but YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO all stream in HD flawlessly. They're also completely traffic agnostic, so things like BitTorrent and Tor aren't a problem. And for those interested in the stats, they have over 3283 servers in over 25 countries.

Keep Private Internet Access near the top of your list when considering a VPN. They've earned it.



$6.95 USD /month
$39.95 USD /12 months
$69.95 USD /24 months

Consider using

Anytime you connect to the internet

Available for

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome


PIA comes with a kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, and optionally can block trackers and ads.


It's totally "set it and forget it". If it chokes, a quick flip off-and-on will get it back on track in a heartbeat.


The apps are easy enough for users of any skill level to use, though very utilitarian. Very simple. No frills.

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