Password Managers

You'd never dream of using the same password for more than one service, and keeping track of them all can be a challenge. Use a securepassword manager to wrangle all of your different logins.


The best-of-the-best in password management.

1Password is the Aston Martin of password managers. Packed with impressive security features and a super-polished user interface, using 1Password actually feels good.

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From the makers of TunnelBear, RememBear is end-to-end encrypted, easy for users of any skill level, supports logins and credit cards, and is full of adorable bears.

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In addition to password management, 1Password also stores your driver's license, bank accounts, software licenses, secure notes, and offers an integrated browser.

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Free, open source, available cross-platform, and backed by security veterans SpiderOak, Encryptr's a great password manager for those needing reliability and simplicity.

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Key by F-Secure comes with an easy-to-use password generator and stores all your login and credit card info. Free for a single device, multi-device sync comes at a $20 USD premium.

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