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The best way to anonymously share files.

Let's say you need to send your accountant some financial records. Or maybe you want to leak top secret information to a journalist. Or maybe youre just a normal person that wants to send their mom a video of their kid's soccer game. Whatever the reason, OnionShare is the service you'd use to securely and anonymously share those files.

OnionShare lets you share any file of any size without leaving a trace or involving any third-parties like Dropbox, Box, AWS, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. It can bypass that hurdle by creating it's own web server on the Tor onion service. At that point, anyone with the unique URL can download whatever you're sharing. Closing OnionShare permanently deletes the shared URL. And then, poof- like it never happened.

Everything is end-to-end encrypted, but make sure to share the URL securely because anyone accessing the URL with Tor Browser can download the file. Since OnionShare download URLs only work using Tor Browser, I recommend getting familiar with Tor before diving in.





For sharing, use instead of

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, AWS, Microsoft OneDrive

Available for

MacOS, Windows, Linux


OnionShare really only does one thing- Share files securely over Tor. But it does that really well.


You drag files into the OnionShare window and hit a button. That's it. Seriously. That's the whole thing.


The user interface is dry, but definitely not bad. Don't let it's boringness stop you from using it.

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