A potential Slack-killer for tech professionals.


When you go to Keybase's homepage, they describe themselves as a "Slack meets Dropbox, but end-to-end encrypted"-type service. That's literally all the information they give about it. There's no marketing video. No explanation of their features. No listed competitors. No proud endorsements. No product summary of any kind to help you understand what you're looking at. For all you know, hitting the "Install" button could summon a poltergeist. All of that said, if you're brave enough to continue, you won't be sorry. The product itself is rad, although clearly focused on intermediate to expert users.

Keybase's messenger is minimal and clean- something I appreciate when trying to have a conversation. All of the typical markdown is available, and due to it's built-in storage feature, sharing files is really easy and efficient; especially when working on a team. Unlike Slack, Keybase might be a legitimate intranet replacement for some organizations. Regrettably, I semi-regularly experience latency and connection issues in Keybase so it may not be appropriate for all teams.

Slack is going to be very nervous once Keybase invests in a Communications Director, fixes their usability kinks, and becomes more stable.




Potentially use instead of

Slack, Dropbox, Box, Basecamp

Available for

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, web


Keybase has features necessary to replace Slack and company intranets for many organizations.


Unfortunately, Keybase is going to be a confusing experience for many users. For now, it's definitely focused on power-users.


Their UX is rough around the edges but their visual design is great. I appreciate their minimal aesthetic.

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