One of the fastest VPNs you'll ever experience


One of the fastest VPNs you'll ever experience.

IPVanish is one of the fastest VPNs we've tested at PrivacyHaus. A natural side effect of using a virtual private network is that your internet speeds are going to run a bit slower than they would naturally. It's an understood tradeoff- you're trading privacy for speed. But with IPVanish, that tradeoff doesn't seem to exist.

In one of our speed tests, we streamed 4k video from iTunes while also downloading a Linux distro and conducting a FaceTime call. Nothing choked. Nothing pixelated to a crawl. My traffic requests were like bugs hitting a train- IPVanish didn't even seem to notice. This freakish speed was present in both their desktop and mobile apps, so if speed is a priority, IPVanish might be the VPN for you.

If that wasn't enough, IPVanish also has a strict no logging policy, supports BitTorrent and file-sharing, and have servers in over 60 countries. If you're considering a VPN and speed is your top concern, give IPVanish a try.



$10 USD /month
$26.99 USD /3 months
$77.99 USD /12 months

Consider using

Anytime you connect to the internet

Available for

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, FireTV, Routers, Windows Phone, Linux, and Chromebooks


IPVanish doesn't have some of the features of other VPNs, but it might be one of the fastest.


IPVanish is crazy-fast but it'll occasionally hiccup and require a quick off/on reset.


IPVanish is one of the better looking VPNs on the market with nice maps and data visualizations.

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