The must-have security plugin for web browsers

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HTTPS Everywhere is the must-have browser plugin from the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that makes your web experience more secure by forcing an HTTPS (secure) connection. Free and available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, I highly recommend using HTTPS Everywhere whenever possible.

Sometimes the webpages you visit don't support HTTPS. In those cases, HTTPS Everywhere will cause a connection error as you browse. This is the moment to ask yourself, "Do I really want to visit this site if it's not secure?" If you truly need to visit the site, you can temporarily deactivate HTTPS Everywhere or make a site exception to access the site. But let's be real- you should probably just keep it on.

Becoming familiar with HTTPS Everywhere is an easy step anyone can take to make a big impact on your online privacy.




Available for

Firefox (mobile and desktop), Opera, and Chrome


It really only does one thing- force an HTTPS connection when web browsing- but it does that really well.


Sometimes HTTPS Everywhere can cause errors when browsing and offers little insight into why.


Browser plugins aren't known for their user friendly design, but HTTPS Everywhere is clear and easy to use.

Try HTTPS Everywhere