Blocking ads and intrusive analytics as you browse


The Ghostery Privacy Browser bakes the ad blocking power of Ghostery's plugin into a mobile browser. It blocks- with some adjustments in the Settings- advertising trackers, intrusive site analytics, and social media scripts as you browse.

Ghostery's place in the browser ecosystem is a little confusing. With their acquisition by Cliqz in 2017, most assumed they'd integrate the best parts of Ghostery into Cliqz, and then quietly depreciate it. Curiously, that hasn't happened so Cliqz now has two different browsers in competition with each other.

Rather than blocking ads and trackers outright, Ghostery sells some user data back to advertisers as part of their business model. Ghostery claims this information is limited to the specific adtech the user experienced, but either way, the relationship between Ghostery and the ad industry rubs some privacy advocates the wrong way.




Use Instead of

Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on mobile

Available for

iOS, Android


Ghostery is definitely more beneficial to your privacy than using a completely unprotected browser.


Pages load fairly quickly, and I don't experience many 'broken pages' that can result when plugins aggressively block scripts.


Ghostery feels a bit dated, and again, it's made worse by the fact that Cliqz feels much more modern and sophisticated.

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