Fast, pretty, and private mobile browsing


Fast, pretty, and private.

Firefox Focus is a beautiful, privacy-focused browser for iOS and Android. Under the hood, it's essentially Firefox with built-in ad and tracker blocking using Disconnect's block lists. The result is a noticeably snappy browsing experience that's accentuated by Mozilla's sophisticated product design. It's really fast and really pretty.

With a touch of the "Erase" button ever-present in the top-right corner, all of your tabs, browser history, and cookies are blown away for easy session management. It's a nice feature for the privacy conscious user that wants to ensure nothing local sticks around between sessions. A deal breaker for some, Firefox Focus doesn't currently support tabs (hence the 'focus'). That said, they wouldn't be sticking around long anyway with the aforementioned "Erase" button.

Firefox Focus is free and available for your mobile device. You should definitely give it a shot.





Use Instead of

Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on mobile

Available for

iOS, Android


Firefox Focus is packed with privacy features, but missing some of the things you'd expect in a typical browser.


It's really fast and the content blocking does a great job of blocking nasties without breaking web fonts, etc.


Mozilla's set a new bar in their product design. I'm hoping some of these aesthetics make it back into Firefox proper.

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