Fast, secure, and surprisingly educational

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Fast, secure, and surprisingly educational.

Available for Android and iOS, DuckDuckGo's Privacy Browser proves that their commitment to user privacy goes well beyond anonymous search. From it's inception, DuckDuckGo's intentions were two-fold: to protect, and to educate. In it's browser, they tackle this mission in multiple ways.

To protect users, the browser forces an HTTPS connection, blocks web trackers, and since it's DuckDuckGo, all of your searches are private. This makes your browsing experience secure, private, and really fast.

What really sets this browser apart is the level of effort DuckDuckGo has gone to pursue the second half of their mission: user education. In their view, it's not enough to protect users- they want users to actually become more privacy-aware in their day-to-day lives. To accomplish this, they've built a privacy rating system that each website is scored against. They then break down the results, and show users why some domains are more hostile to user privacy than others. They also keep a leaderboard of top privacy offenders; not surprisingly, Google and Facebook are consistently at the top of the list. TOSDR's privacy policy ratings are also integrated giving additional insight into how a user's privacy may be at risk. The result is a final A-F letter grade that gives users an easily consumable snapshot of how respectful websites are of their privacy.

It's fast. It looks and feels great. It'll protect you as you surf, and you might even learn something interesting about your privacy in the process. Go give it a shot.




Use Instead of

Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on mobile

Available for

iOS and Android


It has almost everything you'd want from a mobile browser with a ton of great privacy goodies baked in.


Everything feels familiar and native on both Android and iOS. It's a fairly intuitive experience.


The aesthetics are dark and subtle; it's there when you need it, but easy to ignore as you search and browse.

Try DDG Privacy Browser