Quick, well designed, and full of privacy features


Quick, well designed, and full of privacy features.

Cliqz is a fork of the Firefox web browser with a ton of extra privacy features baked in. To protect users, Cliqz offers integrated ad and tracker blocking, anti-phishing protection, HTTPS Everywhere, a "Do Not Track" option, and private search supplemented by DuckDuckGo. As if it's commitment to privacy wasn't enough, it's also very lightweight, quick, and better designed than many other browsers. Cliqz also acquired Ghostery in 2017 providing additional firepower to their ad blocking capabilities.

By default, Cliqz sends some data back to help their team fix bugs and make their ad blocking more robust, however you can opt-out of this under the "Cliqz Data Collection and Use" section of the Settings.

If you're looking for a more private web browser that still feels modern and snappy, Cliqz is a good place to start.





Use Instead of

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari

Available for

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows


Cliqz is serious about privacy with ad blocking, tracker blocking, and integrated HTTPS Everywhere.


Everything feels simple and familiar. I can see how Cliqz would make sense as the default browser for many users.


Cliqz looks a lot like Firefox (not necessarily a bad thing), but with a brighter color palette.

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