A beautiful mobile browser built with your privacy in mind.


A beautiful mobile browser built with your privacy in mind.

Not all web browsers are created equally. Some have a focus on user experience and offer customizable themes. Others have integrated utilities- like a QR scanner- to make your life easier. Unlike other browsers, Aloha somehow managed to stuff all of these nice-to-have options into a gorgeous browser packed with serious privacy features like aggressive ad blocking and a built-in VPN.

Built in Cyprus, Aloha is seriously committed to user privacy. Their privacy policy is like a breath of fresh air and clearly states that your activities aren't logged, your personal information isn't captured, and that users aren't required to share any personal information to use the service. While Aloha asks for some information as part of their "UX improvement program" to help make the browser more efficient, this request is opt-in and not required.

No browser is completely anonymous, but Aloha is doing a great job of keeping trackers and analytics off your back as you surf. If you're considering a new mobile browser, keep Aloha on your shortlist.




Use Instead of

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Opera on mobile devices

Available for

iOS and Android


From ad blocking to their VPN, Aloha has more features than a typical user would expect from a mobile browser.


Surfing with Aloha is quick and responsive; even when the VPN is active. It feels like a very solid product.


The app and interactions are minimal and do a great job of staying out of your way when you're working.

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