About PrivacyHaus

From intrusive online advertising to state-sponsored surveillance, your privacy is being eroded at an alarming rate. PrivacyHaus provides easy options to make your life more private and secure.

No Ads or Trackers

We don't stalk our visitors with privacy-stealing ads or creepy trackers.

No Site Analytics

PrivacyHaus doesn't utilize any kind of site analytics for your protection.

No Payments

We accept no payment for any of the content provided at PrivacyHaus.

No Knowledge

We don't know who our visitors are, and we like it that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions we get asked are a variation of one of the following, but feel free to reach out if you have a question we haven't answered.

  • Where's X-App or Y-Service?

    If your favorite app is missing from PrivacyHaus, it's probably because:

    1. It doesn't meet our security standards.
    2. It doesn't meet our user experience standards.
    3. We just haven't gotten to it yet.

    If there's something we're missing that should be here, let us know.

  • Why have you included X-App or Y-Service?

    Not every app in PrivacyHaus is equal in it's security. Depending on your use case and threat model, some of the apps here won't be sufficient for complete protection.

    For example, the victim of domestic abuse might need a messenger that protects them from an abusive spouse which is a completely different scenario than those needing protection from state surveillance.

    Please embrace the nuance of these products as you evaluate them for your own potential use.

  • How does PrivacyHaus determine which apps are featured?

    Every app and service on PrivacyHaus has been installed and used on personal devices before we recommend them. If, during the course of our evaluation, we find something sinister (poor privacy guidelines, broken functionality, a frustrating user experience, etc) we won't list it.

  • A lot of these apps cost money. Are they paying you?

    Nope. Services that cost money to evaluate are paid for out-of-pocket. Yes, we realize this financial bottleneck may prevent the inclusion of some rad services, and we're okay with it.

  • Can you recommend a secure router/firewall?

    Unfortunately, no. PrivacyHaus is currently focused on software privacy solutions- not hardware.

  • I love PrivacyHaus. Can I buy you a coffee?

    We really appreciate your support, but no, we don't accept anykind of financial compensation for this project. If you value our work, please make a contribution to one of the non-profits listed on our Donation page.

  • Who's running this thing?

    PrivacyHaus is maintained by Mike Finch, a privacy activist and designer in the Pacific Northwest.